5 Tricks to Creating a Great Content Marketing Campaign

Businesses shifting to online spaces know that content drives online traffic to their websites. Although paid ads such as PPC campaigns can divert audiences to their site, what completes a business transaction is a strong brand image that compelling content provides. Content marketing is one of the many ways to increase your brand’s awareness while building on your relationship with your target demographic.
How to launch a successful content marketing strategy
Developing a content creation strategy isn’t just about frequently posting to your site. It requires you to understand your audience and create compelling incentives to view and share it with their peers.
If you’re planning to improve your brand’s online presence, here are five tricks that create a great content marketing campaign:
1. Create shareable content
An excellent way to increase multiple entrances to your sales funnel is by integrating social media platforms. Depending on how sharable your content is, your posts can reach a broad audience once it’s in these social media channels.
You can create tweetable facts such as industry information or product promos from your business with a click to tweet or share function to Facebook and Twitter. By doing so, you increase the entry points from socials to your blog post to boost your brand’s visibility.
2. Focus on your content’s function
It’s easy to fall into the bait of posting viral content for your marketing campaigns. However, this can be costly and unproductive investments in the long term. Although riding fads and trends are effective for short-term viewership spikes, you should prioritise the development of useful content. Ensure that what you’re posting is helpful to your customers, so that its relevance and shareability will have a long lifespan.
3. Engage with your customers
Modern consumers favour a brand that knows how to listen to its target market. The best way to track your content marketing strategy’s effectiveness is by engaging with your customers. You can ask readers about simple questions through surveys and polls to know what they prefer to see from your content.
4. Utilise guest blogging
Guest posting is one way to expand your target market by involving your community with your content marketing strategy. Besides giving guest bloggers exposure, you can also tap into other websites that ask for guest posters. This allows you to diversify your audience and boosts your SEO rankings.
5. Diversify your content
Although blogging is a typical way to approach content marketing, you can also look at other formats that can serve the same purpose. Online users prefer seeing a mix of both textual and visual aid when digesting information on the internet. This is why many brands are prioritising the creation of compelling graphics and web design to their different online platforms.
When diversifying content, consider if you can condense the information you want to present with other media. You can use gifs, infographics and videos to showcase your data in inventive ways to appeal to an online audience.
Lastly, you should test your content and its effects before you produce them on a larger scale. Ensure that you perform audience tests or marketing staff evaluations to see if you’re producing the right type of posts. You can avoid the hassle of publishing ineffective content by outsourcing a creative team to improve the quality and increase your production of collaterals for your content marketing campaign.
Shuttle is an Gold Coast-based creative agency that develops a business’s online presence. From developers to designers, our team of creatives can provide you with the resources you need to enhance your company’s branding. Contact us today, and let our digital marketing strategies lead your company to success!

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