An Australian Business’s Guide to Email Pop-Up Forms

The humble pop-up form: although it drew the ire of web surfers for a few years (and still does for some), it remains one of the most tried-and-true digital marketing approaches today.

While you’ve probably become acquainted with the fact that people may hate them because of how “intrusive” they can be, the fact of the matter is that they’re as popular as ever. In recent years, in fact, even more businesses and online pages have taken it upon themselves to use pop-up forms because of how effective they are at collecting email addresses from visitors!

What is it, in the first place?

Not to be confused with regular pop-up ads, pop-up forms are a special type of signup form that appears suddenly on a webpage and is not part of the webpage content.

Compared to traditional email signup forms that are embedded into the content of a webpage and are fixed in place, these forms appear intermittently depending on a specific action that is carried out on a website.

The way that the distribution or appearance of a pop-up form itself is determined, however, depends on the activation of internally-set triggers—such as:

  • The behaviour of a website visitor;
  • The time that has elapsed since a visitor began browsing the page; or
  • The decision of a website visitor to leave (or any other similar action that occurs).

Why pop-up forms are worth working on

When you look at pop-up forms from a functional standpoint, you’ll quickly notice the reason a growing number of businesses are starting to invest in them: they work!

You see, the rate at which these specialized forms convert is significantly higher than any other approach or tactic that is used to collect email addresses for the purpose of building a list. The reason anyone would ever slight them, in fact, is simply because of the experiences people have with bad pop-ups—which means that getting everything right presents a valuable opportunity for success!

The different kinds of email pop-up forms that you can use

Enjoying the various benefits of email pop-up forms has become a much more flexible experience nowadays, thanks to the fact that they can be executed in various ways. While the list of options and formats continues to grow, here are the different iterations of the tool in question that the experts at Shuttle use for our email marketing services:

  • Lightbox pop-ups

One of the most common forms of email pop-up forms is the lightbox set-up.

Easily recognisable by its appearance, this type of pop-up form is typically applied in the form of a small window that appears over the main webpage that is brightly lit—hence the name. Although it may seem rather simplistic to a certain extent, lightbox designs are especially effective because they use a reader or visitor’s visual dependency to their advantage by giving them no choice but to pay attention to the form!

  • Full-screen pop-ups

Another common type of email pop-up form that is heavily used by businesses of all kinds nowadays is the fullscreen format.

From an appearance standpoint, fullscreen pop-ups look exactly the same as what they sound like: they’re a semi-advert that covers the entire screen. Generally, these pop-up formats are effective because they are impossible to ignore—and their full-screen nature helps ensure that every person views them for at least a few seconds before closing the screen.

  • Floating bar pop-ups

Compared to the lightbox and full-screen formats, floating bar pop-up forms follow a less intrusive and visually dominant approach to getting emails.

Often, businesses end up using floating bar pop-ups as a “safer” bet when it comes to gathering emails because they’re less intrusive and simply pop up as a slim bar at the top or bottom of a webpage. Although the amount of space it takes up isn’t necessarily large, this pop up is still very much capable of capturing the attention of any reader or viewer even as they shift between pages!


Among the different tools that you can use in your digital marketing strategy today, an impactful approach that’s guaranteed to get more results over time is the ever-effective email pop-up form. By choosing the right kind of format to work with, specialised and fine-tuning your strategy in the best way possible, you’ll be able to guarantee yourself top-notch results, well-stacked email lists, and constant conversions in no time!

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in the Gold Coast to help you refine your approach through a sound marketing strategy? We’ve got you covered with our services ranging from content production to email marketing. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help!

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