How to Resign Without Burning Bridges

One of the greatest assets you can take to your future employment is a strong reference from a previous employee. Here at HR Solutions, we make it priority to always reference check. It is a red flag when a previous employee is not a referee. Follow these simple steps that will help you earn a positive reference and resign professionally whilst keeping a good reputation in the industry.

With employment set to get more competitive in the years to come as our economy is in recovery, professional relationships are vital to ensure a successful future career. You must strengthen your reputation by respecting your current employee and leaving on good terms.

Resigning starts with you and the decision that you want to leave.

You may be unhappy, outgrown a role, moving locations, or just simply wanting another challenge. You must be prepared and figure out exactly what you want before notifying your manager. Having a longer employment period with a company is much more desirable than multiple small placements, it shows loyalty, and a company is more likely to invest in your training because you appear to be someone who will stay on.

Meet face to face. 
It is always better to resign in person and in private. Explain the reasons for your resignation in a professional manner, stay positive throughout the meeting and do not go into depth about the reasons why you are leaving or give constructive feedback as this may have a negative effect.

Complete any notice period. 
This is important to stay put and assist with a smooth hand over. Ensure you leave enough notice time to either train your replacement or hand over to another staff member properly. Offer solutions that may benefit the entire team on how to prepare to cover your work responsibilities. This will leave a good impression and it will show your employee that you still take pride in the company.  

Always leave with a positive impression.
You want these employees in your network of contacts. Who knows, you may end up working with them again! Stay in touch, previous employers can help you for years to come. If they have looked after you, look after them and it will return to you in time.

Knowing how to resign is as important as knowing how to start a job, it is never easy and can challenge who you are and what you believe in. Empathise with your boss and co-workers as they come to terms with feeling excited for you but also nervous about what your departure will mean for the company.

You owe it to yourself and your career to leave with a positive reputation that you can take to your next future move.

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