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The Incubator Hub In-residence program is the first of its kind in Australia. The Inc Hub is a collective of businesses that provide the building blocks to build a company; investment, marketing, IT, legal, HR, and finance. 

Our Team of CEOs provide experience from the perspective of a successful business owner, once you become a business owner you will learn pretty quickly there are unique challenges of business owners that people who are employed by a company are not exposed to. So learn from who you will be!

Unique to our program, we don’t just provide advice we provide service. 

Multiple intakes per year

In-Residence Program

As part of the in-residence program, a resident will receive

  • Service Voucher: Up to $50,000 to be used to access Inc Hub services. Build your website, set up your bookkeeping, sort out your IT, recruit your first staff member, get a lawyer to set your agreements, and more!
  • Co-working space: Virtual and in-person options exist. 3 or 6-month programs, dual-screen desks, high-speed internet, and networking.
  • Workshops: Building a Business Plan, Marketing Strategy, HR Policies, Procedures and Work Systems, Workforce Planning, and more. All with our philosophy of Don’t just listen, DO!
  • Networking: Regular events with investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners
  • Investment Support: We assist in seed, series, and IPO Funding. We also host regular Pitch Panels with our savvy investor panel looking to fund you.

Success Stories

Inc Hub has been offering an informal In-residence program for 7 years now. During this time we have enmassed a number of success stories.

20v, an fitness industry disruptor with 2.5 studios, brings a 4-hour weights lifting session to you in just 20 minutes. Series A raise value of $12M.

PingCo, a cloud solutions company innovating automated deployments valued at $20M

HR Solutions, a full-service HR company innovating the candidate presentation market with its own SaaS product. Valued at $550k in first-year trading.

TVSA, a commercial flight training school that uniquely is able to deliver its own theory and practical elements of the commercial pilot’s license. Valued at $18M within four years of growth.

and more!

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