SEO for Business – The Value of Performing Website Audits

Online visibility is even more important today because more people are invested in working in front of a screen. Many business transactions and workplace interactions are occurring in digital spaces, making it necessary for establishments to embrace digital transformation. Due to this, an effective website becomes a crucial contributor to your business’s success.

Maintaining a website ensures that it can promote consumer trust and engage effectively with potential customers. Thanks to search engine algorithms, people looking for service providers can rely on the ranking system of search engine results in determining this quality. Companies can rank higher or lower, depending on their proficiency in the search engine ranking system based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The back and forth between consumer behaviours and market trends

Businesses rely on visibility to stay relevant to an online audience, so websites are necessary to maintain engagement and create sales funnels. An SEO audit assesses if your website is performing according to plan, assessing your metrics to keep the results of your marketing strategies accounted for. Leaving them unattended, especially during Google’s major updates, can lead to considerable and unrecoverable losses.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons you should perform regular SEO audits on your website.

1. Addressing customer behavior

There are several factors affecting consumer behaviour, which makes tracking it an inconsistent and difficult challenge. The developments of the latest technology, advancements in network connectivity, popularity of particular brands and products, and even local and global dilemmas can influence consumer behavior. SEO targets key elements of your site to achieve a higher search engine ranking. This includes content length, keyword usage, site loading speeds, user experience (UX) and many more. Over time, an online demographic’s preferences will change and shift, causing your focus on some optimisation elements to have a lesser impact than others. These changes in online activity will reflect on your metrics and must be addressed by getting a detailed SEO audit.

2. Reassessing your keyword research

Consumer trends always adjust to their needs, which can shift from one product or service to another. This is most noticeable during seasonal holidays when business owners are adapting their SEO to target high-traffic keywords that bring more engagement to your website. Instead of relying solely on SEO audits, you can combine them with competitor analyses to give you a bigger picture of your site’s performance.

3. Creating future plans

You shouldn’t wait for your SEO strategy to fail before you consider an SEO audit. Preventing your losses should be your priority as a business owner. An SEO audit will tell you if you’re on the right track or if you’ll need to adjust your current optimisation practices. Remember that, unlike PPC marketing, SEO is a marketing strategy that requires organic growth and long-term commitment. The sooner you can assess your site’s weaknesses, the better you can expect the right results on your investments.


Part of Google’s business model ensures that users of their search engines can achieve the best results that match their query. However, they’re also working with the interest of providing service providers the proper exposure they deserve. Google’s algorithm updates are necessary to balance consumers’ online behaviour and the response of online engagement from business websites. This is why Google’s updates can shake-up your SEO strategies over time. To avoid losing their ranking against competitors, business owners must perform regular check-ups that evaluate their on-site optimization’s current effectiveness.

Shuttle is an Australia-based creative company that employs a multi-talented group of professionals. We provide business owners with innovative solutions, from web development to content marketing. If your site needs an SEO audit, contact us today!

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